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Cobb DOT Leveraging Technology To Create 6-Year Resurfacing Plan

Picture of DTS van
April 23, 2021

Cobb DOT is leveraging technology to create a 6-year plan for resurfacing activities in the county. This project will allow Cobb DOT to automate portions of the resurfacing program process, to be more proactive in planning roadway resurfacing activities, and to improve coordination with utility work/relocations and projects planned by other local or regional entities.

The county maintains approximately 2,426 miles of road that are prioritized for resurfacing activities based on the condition of the roadway surface. Previously, one inspector was tasked with visually inspecting each road for surface issues, such as cracking, potholes, rutting, roughness and oxidation, in order to establish an overall condition index (OCI) rating. This process took about three years to complete for the entire county.

This project will use vans equipped with digital cameras to collect imagery of all pavement and create an inventory of the condition of each road maintained by the county, streamlining the most time consuming aspects of the process.