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Cobb DOT and Patriot Rail Team Up On Crossing Repair

Picture of construction activities on project
July 30, 2020

Cobb DOT and Patriot Rail teamed up this week to restore and upgrade the railroad crossing located on Shallowford Road, just east of Canton Road. The crossing was in poor shape and was starting to affect the integrity of the road. So, Cobb DOT reached out to Patriot Rail to work on a solution.

“Railroad crossings pose a challenge of sorts because you have one mode of transportation meeting another mode and multiple entities with jurisdiction over certain parts of the intersection,” according to James Hudgins, Cobb DOT SPLOST Pre-construction Manager.

Typically, a railroad company owns the tracks as well as the property on either side of the tracks and is responsible for maintenance of the tracks, the roadway surface between and around the rails, and traffic control devices located in the railroad right of way. Cobb DOT maintains the road approaching the crossing on either side of the tracks.

In this case, both Cobb DOT and Patriot Rail had to agree on and participate in any improvement at the crossing. Cobb DOT completed milling and new asphalt placement, provided maintenance crews and equipment to handle material removal and lighting, and provided flagging crews that coordinated with Cobb County Police to provided traffic control for the job site. Patriot Rail provided rail traffic control and provided crews to remove and replace the crossing.

“Our teams worked seamlessly and we were able open the crossing much earlier than expected. An 18-hour closure turned into an 8 ½ hour one. It was very impressive.”

The result is a safer, smoother ride for both vehicular and railroad traffic.