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Cobb DOT and Cobb Fire Partner on Storm Debris Clean Up

Picture of down trees in roadway
January 13, 2020

Cobb DOT crews partnered with the Cobb County Fire Department to clear downed trees and storm debris over the weekend.

According to the National Weather Service website, this weekend's storm was unseasonably strong by January standards with heavy rain and damaging winds, resulting in downed trees and storm debris in Cobb County roads.  

"Storm debris was the major challenge during this storm. Between Cobb DOT and Cobb Fire, we addressed roughly 44 locations. All roads were clear and open within about 5 hours of the storm hitting, and crews were back at Cobb DOT headquarters by 11:00 pm Saturday night," according to Dallas Cain, Cobb DOT's Division Manager over Road and Maintenance.

One of these 44 locations was Lost Mountain Road, where the National Weather Service confirmed touchdown of a weak “EF0” tornado.

"On Lost Mountain Road alone, we cleared 13 trees from the road. Adding it all up, we are looking at about 70 to 75 trees cleared over the weekend," said Dallas.

Cobb DOT crews will continue clean up of storm debris from the right-of-way and shoulders this week.