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CCDOT launches resurfacing StoryMap

July 5, 2019

The Cobb County Department of Transportation (CCDOT) today launched “Smooth Operations: Resurfacing at CCDOT,” a StoryMap about the department’s pavement maintenance program.

“Smooth Operations” outlines how CCDOT inspects, selects, and funds roads during the resurfacing process. The StoryMap also gives citizens unprecedented access to the department’s resurfacing schedule, allowing viewers to see recently completed, planned, and in-progress road segments. Additionally, users can view an overall condition index map that indicates the current state of each road in the County. YourGOV, the department’s roadway work request system, is integrated into the StoryMap so that citizens also can report issues that may inform the resurfacing plan without leaving the page. 

Created via collaboration between the department’s GIS (geographic information system), resurfacing, and communications divisions and with support from the County’s GIS department, “Smooth Operations” seeks to educate citizens about the number of roads that currently can be resurfaced in a year and the methodology that allows roads most in need to be resurfaced first.

“This is something we’ve never done before at DOT,” said Lynn Biggs, CCDOT GIS manager. “People want to know what’s happening in their backyards . . . where their money is being spent, and why completing [our work] takes time. I think this is going to be a great tool [for helping to explain this].”

Available from Esri ArcGIS, StoryMaps are immersive narratives that combine text, custom interactive maps, and multimedia content to give organizational stories a “stronger sense of place.”

CCDOT’s current selection of web maps and StoryMaps also includes Cobb Commute as well as tours of the department’s Transportation Management Center, the Cobb County International Airport, and the County’s trail network.

The public may view "Smooth Operations" by clicking here

“Smooth Operations: Resurfacing at DOT" Credits

Map and Dashboard Design: Nadine Bennett-Darby, GIS Solutions Analyst

Map Design: Lynn Biggs, GIS Manager

Narrative and Graphic Design: Torie Anderson, Sr. Communications Specialist

Data Sourcing and Review: Kristen Orton, P.E., Resurfacing Project Engineer

GIS Support: Cobb County Information Services, GIS Department