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CobbLinc Pedestrian Safety

Safety Tips

Here are some more pedestrian tips to ensure that you stay safe when crossing the road!

What can I do to minimize distractions as a pedestrian?

  • Always pay attention.
  • Remove headphones and put away cell phones and other electronic devices when crossing the street

What do pedestrians need to know about crossing safely?

  • Look BOTH WAYS before crossing
  • Always use crosswalks and pedestrian-activated signals when they are available
  • Make eye contact with drivers before stepping into the street
  • Walk on the sidewalk when available or walk off the road, facing traffic
  • Watch for vehicles backing up in driveways or parking lots (Just because you see them does not mean they see you!)
  • Children can be unpredictable; make sure that you have young children close by your side when crossing the road (It may be difficult for drivers to see smaller children)

It is also important for drivers to be aware!

  • Drivers be aware of pedestrians at marked and unmarked crossings
  • Slow down!

Crosswalk Signals

Not sure when to cross the road?

Pay attention to these crosswalk signals to help you safely cross the road.

Crosswalk Walk Signal

The pedestrian signal of a figure highlighted in white is the walk signal and it means it is safe to cross the road.

Look both ways before crossing. Watch for turning and oncoming cars.


Crosswalk Counter Signal

A flashing hand means do not start crossing but continue to cross if you are already in the crosswalk.

The time remaining will count down to let you know how many seconds are left for you to finish crossing the road.


Crosswalk Wait Signal

The solid yellow hand means WAIT.

It is NOT safe to cross the road.