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Bidding Opportunities

The Cobb County Purchasing Department is now posting solicitations to BidNet's Georgia Purchasing Group. Now that we are posting our solicitations to this platform, registered vendors can automatically be notified of matching bids and addenda.

Cobb County DOT construction bids will continue to be posted on Bid Express.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email the Purchasing Department ( for assistance.


October 5, 2023

24-6774 - RFI - Retirement Plan Administrative Services


October 12, 2023

    2911 - Resurfacing Contract 2023-2 Local Roads (Northeast)

    S5037A - ITB - FY23 Programmable Logic Controller Replacement Program - A

    24-6775 - ITB-Annual Contract- Purchase and Delivery of Ready Mix Concrete

    24-6776 - RFP - Security Camera System at CobbLinc Transit Facilities

    24-6777 - RFP - Security Guard Services at CobbLinc Transfer Stations

    24-6778 - ITB-Annual Contract - Purchase and Delivery of Water Based, NPE-Free Defoamer

    B2436 - Cobb Parkway (SR3/US41) at Black Acre Trail/Third Army Road Intersection Realignment

    The Following Solicitation was postponed from September 28, 2023.

    S5039 - RFP- Rubes Creek Force Main Condition Assessment

    October 19, 2023

    B2435 - South Cobb Drive (SR 280) Traffic Safety Improvements

    October 26, 2023

    2024 Countywide Unit Price Contract

    TR535 - RFQ - Cobb Parkway (SR3/US41) Pedestrian Bridge

    B2912 -ITB - Resurfacing Contract 2024-3 Local Roads (South)

    24-6779 - RFP - Design and Building Services for Community Development Renovation and Addition