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Bidding Opportunities

The Cobb County Purchasing Department is now posting solicitations to BidNet's Georgia Purchasing Group. Now that we are posting our solicitations to this platform, registered vendors can automatically be notified of matching bids and addenda.

Note: Cobb County DOT construction bids will continue to be posted on Bid Express.

Bid Opening February 13, 2020

X2914 - Resurfacing Contract 2020-3, Local Roads (North)

20-6503 - Pond Management and Maintenance



February 12, 2019 - DOT Prequalification for Task Order Contracting

 Request for Qualifications

Prequalified List of Engineering and Associated Specialty Firms
2020-2021 Prequalification Period for Cobb County Department of Transportation

Must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. on February 12, 2020



Bid Opening January 23, 2020

20-6502 - Annual Contract - Cranes and Hoists - Maintenance, Inspection and Repair