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Precinct 5 PENS December 2018

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January 2, 2019

Community Partners,

Welcome to this month’s PENS, Police Email Notification System bulletin. This monthly bulletin is brought to you from the Cobb County Police, Precinct 5 Criminal Investigations Unit (CIU5) and is designed to keep you aware of safety alerts and crime trends in your area and measures you can take to keep you and your family safe.

All of us here at the precinct wish you a safe and enjoyable holiday season! Some of us will have time to spend with our own families, but our officers will be out there 24/7 making sure you and your loved ones are safe this holiday season!

Cobb County Police Awards and Recognition 2018

Some of our own officers and a citizen were honored this year at the Cobb County Police Awards and Holiday Fellowship held at Burnt Hickory Baptist church on December 18.

The Precinct V Officer of the Year was awarded to Officer W.N Maharaj

As recognized by his Lieutenant:

Officer Maharaj is currently assigned to Uniform Patrol on Evening Watch at Precinct Five. Since becoming his shift commander in February 2018, I have found he has no equal when it comes to dedication, work ethic, or his desire to excel in police work. On his assigned work days, Officer Maharaj is always the first to arrive, often more than 30 minutes prior to the start of shift. In addition, due to manpower shortages, there have often been times when either Morning Watch or Day Watch are in need of additional help. Officer Maharaj has become someone who can be counted on to volunteer his assistance when such times arise.

The Precinct 5 Citizen of the Year was awarded to Samantha Glass

Samantha is the president of the West Cobb Business Association. She is a member of the Precinct 5 Discussion Group. She is currently attending the 2018 Fall Citizens Police Academy. Samantha established the 1st annual West Cobb Business Association Appreciation Luncheon Gala, and she coordinated a breakfast for the officers at Precinct 5 during Public Safety Appreciation Week. Most recently, she planned and organized a Christmas Party for Precinct 5 which was free for the officers to attend with their families. Through her efforts, the partnership has been strengthened between the Cobb County Police and the West Cobb businesses and citizens.

Current Crime Trends

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are still enjoying the lowest crime in the county. However, we do have some “theft by giving,” that is occurring that involve entering autos. We have had a few cars entered in businesses along Dallas Hwy and at some of our parks, and one at West Cobb Aquatic Center, where valuables have been left in open view. It only takes seconds for a thief to make away with your valuables by smashing the window that you will not hear.

We have also had a few cars left unlocked in neighborhoods overnight. No specific trends or suspects to share with you this month.

There were also some Postal Thefts reported along John Ward Rd at the beginning of December.

What You Can Do

Burglary Prevention

  • Lock your doors, including the one from the garage
  • Keep garage doors closed-check before bed every night
  • Motion sensor activated lighting
  • Surveillance cameras

Entering Auto Prevention

  • Lock your vehicles and remove items of value and items that appear to contain valuables.
  • If you can’t keep them with you, secure your valuables in the trunk before reaching your location.
  • Keep your vehicle locked and your purse or wallet on your person while fueling at the gas station.

Postal Theft

  • Anti-Theft mailboxes with a special locking system
  • Security Cameras
  • Do not raise the mail flag
  • Do not send cash, checks, or anything that has credit card information

Remember to CALL 911 to report any suspicious persons or activity. If you see something, say something!

Cobb County Camera Registry

Hey folks, this is really important and can help us out on the Detective side of the house!

The Cobb County Police Camera Registration program is a police/community video partnership that operates on a voluntary basis with homeowners, neighborhoods and business owners who own private video surveillance systems. We encourage both businesses and residents to register their cameras online by completing the form below.

This program is intended to let our officers know where cameras are active in the county in case a crime occurs. It is not intended for active surveillance, and officers will not have direct access to homeowners' cameras. Those who register a camera will be contacted if a crime occurs in the vicinity of that camera.

Information provided by residents and businesses will be maintained in a secure database.

Online Registration Form


If you have not already signed up to receive the monthly PENS updates, please subscribe. Feel free to forward this e-mail to your HOA members and local businesses.

PENS is also sending out bulletins and alerts through its partnership with Discover if your neighborhood is already signed up so you may join. If not, they will provide you with the necessary information.


Remain Safe and Vigilant,

Det. Lieutenant T. A. Nelson
Det. Sergeant W.R. Pettitt
Det. Sergeant R.E. Hecksher
Criminal Investigation Unit Pct. 5
4640 Dallas Highway
Powder Springs, GA 30127
(770) 499-4578