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Precinct 2 PENS June 2018

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May 3, 2019

June 2018

Welcome to the June edition of the Pens Bulletin brought to you by the Cobb County Police Criminal Investigations Unit at Precinct Two.

Public Safety Topic(s) of the Month

Georgia’s new Distracted Driving Law (effective July 1, 2018)

Gov. Nathan Deal signed House Bill 673, which would require drivers to use hands-free technology when using cell phones and other electronic devices while driving. The law takes effect July 1.


  • Holding or supporting, with any part of the body, a wireless telecommunications device or stand-alone electronic device (for example, an iPod).
  • Writing, sending or reading any text-based communication, including a text message, instant message, e-mail or internet data while holding your device.
  • Watching a video or movie other than watching data related to the navigation of your vehicle (i.e., your mapping app or GPS screen).


  • Speaking or texting while using hands-free technology.
  • Using a GPS system or mapping app.
  • Wearing and using a smart watch.
  • Using an earpiece to talk on the phone.
  • Using radios, CB radios, CB radio hybrids, commercial two-way radios, subscription-based emergency communication devices, prescribed medical devices, amateur or ham radios and “in-vehicle security, navigation or remote diagnostics” systems.

There are circumstances where you can handle an electronic device while driving: 

  • Reporting a traffic accident, medical emergency, fire, a crime or delinquent act or a hazardous road condition. You can also use your hands if you’re lawfully parked (not at a stoplight – “lawfully” means off or beside the road in an area open to parking).
  • Some people are exempt from the hands-free requirement if they’re performing official duties: police, firefighters, emergency medical personnel, ambulance drivers, other first responders and utility employees or contractors responding to a utility emergency.

Safety and Security

Theft from vehicles and residences continue to be an issue in our area, though those numbers are currently diminishing. I continue to stress that you are your own best deterrent to avoid being a victim of a crime. Do not present the opportunity to become an Entering Auto or Burglary victim. Currently, several gangs are operating in our area and are utilizing these crimes to finance their activities. The “Bloods” and several spin-offs continue to be a presence. FastLife and DFW (Down for Whatever) have been the focus in the majority of entering autos and vehicle thefts for some time.

As mentioned before, here are a few tips to create a safer environment during your daily activities:

  • When leaving your vehicle for any length of time, particularly at stores and shopping centers, do not leave any valuables in sight. Also, before you walk away, look around and see if you see anyone that appears to be watching you or other patrons come and go. As always, you may call 911 and report your suspicions and have them investigated.
  • Do not leave your vehicle running while you run into a business to make a purchase. Even when you are putting gas in your vehicle, secure the vehicle and do not leave it running. It has become common for criminals to slip into vehicles while the driver is distracted and remove property, and in some occasions, drive off with the vehicle.
  • At your residence, even while parked in your garage, your vehicle can be entered and taken. Do not leave your keys or key fob in your vehicle. If you see or hear someone, do not confront them as they may be armed. Contact the police and provide adequate information for responding officers so they may have a better chance of apprehending the individuals.

These are a few ways to protect your property and you from becoming victims. As always, be aware of your surroundings.

I am Lt. E.S. Yeager and may be reached at [email protected]. Thank you for your support and stay safe.

The next PENS Community meeting will be conducted at the South Cobb Library, 805 Clay Road, Mableton GA on June 20 at 6:30 pm

Your Heroes at work

Entering Auto Suspects Arrested
South Gordon Road @ Factory Shoals Road
06/08/18 @ 5:19 am

Morning Watch Officers responded to the intersection of South Gordon Road and Mableton Pkwy, in reference to 5 to 6 males walking through the yards of residences. Upon arrival, Officer Thompson observed the males run into a wooded area. Responding units established a perimeter. Officers pursued the males on foot and were able to arrest all six suspects. The suspects were charged with Loitering and Prowling, Damage to Government Property, Felony Obstruction and Criminal Trespassing. One individual was found to be wanted for Robbery and Carjacking in Atlanta.

Note: A Cobb detective was injured while struggling to get one suspect under control and a police vehicle was damaged.

Shoplifting Suspects
Kohls – 1825 East-West Connector

Dayshift officers responded to a department store on the East-West Connector after being notified by their Loss Prevention of three individuals shoplifting in the business. Officers responded and arrested the suspects as they exited the store. All three were charged with felony Shoplifting and possession of narcotics. They attempted to steal nearly $4900 worth of clothing. A female was wanted out of Fayetteville for strong arm robbery and auto theft. An involved male had multiple warrants from several surrounding jurisdictions for various crimes related to theft.  

These are only a couple of examples that demonstrate the hard work and professionalism exhibited by the officers of Precinct 2 on a daily basis.

Community Affairs Officers for Precinct 2

Officer Penirelli and Officer Conwell are assigned as the Community Affairs officers serving the community in Precinct 2.

The Community Affairs Unit seeks to effectively engage the community and citizens to strengthen Public Safety and community partnerships, facilitate a joint effort in solving problems which affect our community, and foster enhanced trust, communication, transparency, and mutual respect.

Officers help foster a strong working relationship between the Department and the community it serves. Officers work with homeowners associations, community organizations, advocacy groups, public and private schools, faith-based organizations, and individual residents to promote partnerships that are mutually beneficial.

As a result of these working partnerships, the officers are able to develop pro-active crime fighting projects that are jointly undertaken by Department personnel and citizens.

If you have a concern effecting your area or would like more information regarding this unit, please contact Officer Penirelli or Conwell.

Officers Penirelli and Deloachare assigned as the Community Affairs officers serving the community in Precinct 2.

Officers Penirelli and Deloach can be reached via email at [email protected] and [email protected].

Stay up to Date with Critical Information

Cobb Department of Public Safety staff are working to enhance the delivery of near real-time information to residents about incidents that may have significant and/or imminent impacts on their safety or welfare. DPS has implemented the SwiftReach Swift911 notification system to distribute these types of alerts.

SwiftReach is a high-speed emergency notification system that alerts residents to emergency situations including severe weather, missing and endangered persons or significant road closures due to fatality accidents or other unplanned incidents in the local area. The program has the capability of delivering pre-recorded messages to the entire county via telephone, cell phone, email and text messaging. The system uses a publicly-available list of phone numbers that can be removed or updated by both residents and businesses.

There are two simple options to opt-in and provide contact information for this service. A sign up portal is available on the Police, Fire, EMA and Public Safety pages on the Cobb County website. Residents can also get the Swift911 Mobile App by texting the word “Swift911” to “99538.” The response text will be a link for the Swift 911 app in the app store. SwiftReach is another example of using current technology to ensure residents receive vital information from the Department of Public Safety. For more information, visit the Department of Public Safety page at and click on the SwiftReach icon.

Police Athletic League

Cobb PAL focuses on juvenile crime prevention through athletic and recreational activities for Cobb County’s high-risk neighborhoods, primarily in South Cobb. There are many ways that you can help, whether it be spreading the word, getting your children involved, volunteering your time and resources or donating money. If you wish to assist this worthwhile program or make a donation, please go to the PAL volunteer page.


To sign up for the Police Email Notification system please subscribe.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us at [email protected]


Thank you for your participation.

Lt. E.S. Yeager -   Precinct 2 Criminal Investigations Unit 
Sgt. M. Nerbonne - Precinct 2 Criminal Investigations Unit (Day)
Sgt. K. Clausen - Precinct 2 Criminal Investigations Unit (Evenings)