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Public Service Announcements

Chatting with the Chief Episode 9

In this episode, Chief Register talks about some of the overall changes in the department in 2018, partnering with the community, how the police department is growing its leadership and how the department is working to increase its ability to continue to make Cobb County a safer community for residents and visitors.

Holiday Safety Tips

Cobb County Department of Public Safety Active Shooter Training at SunTrust Park 2018

Chatting with the Chief Episode 8

In this episode, Chief Register discusses the new website and how the department is using technology to help fight crime.

Sexual Assault PSA

Sexual assault is any type of unwanted sexual contact and can happen to anyone. Bystanders can help play a role in sexual assault prevention. If something doesn’t look right, step in and don't be afraid to let a friend know if something is making you uncomfortable or if you are worried about their safety. Check out this video to learn more about sexual assault prevention.

Hands Free Georgia PSA

Cobb County and Marietta Police come together on the new Hands-Free Georgia Law that prohibits the use of mobile devices while "operating" your motor vehicle. In other words, put the phone down!

School Zone Safety Public Service Announcement

School Bus Safety PSA

Cobb County Schools want to remind you to always STOP for the school bus stop arm to keep our kids safe as they head to and from school. 

Hear from a bus driver and S.O.A.R. coordinator and the Cobb County Police Department on why it is so important to keep the 73,000 students that are transported on school buses safe each and every day.

Sexual Assault Awareness PSA