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Special Operations

The Special Operations Division is commanded by Major Robert Sampson. The division is broken down into several units dedicated to the enforcement of specific violations, and to enhance field operations.

Major Sampson began his law enforcement career in 1973 with the Atlanta Police Department after attending Morehouse college in Atlanta. While serving with Atlanta he worked in a variety of assignments to include uniform patrol in all precincts, Downtown High Crime Foot Patrol, Executive Protection with the Mayors Office and in Special Operations as a Pilot in Command of a police helicopter with a commercial pilots license. Major Sampson joined the Cobb County Police Department in 1988.

He has served as either a patrol officer, supervisor or manager in Precincts One, Two, Three and Four, Criminal Investigations Division, and the DUI Task Force. Major Sampson is a graduate of the County's Excel Management Program, Leadership Cobb and Honorary Commanders.

Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP)

The Selective Traffic Enforcement Unit is responsible for investigating all fatal traffic crashes, enforcement of traffic laws in those areas which analysis indicates an elevated amount of crashes. They are also responsible for the administration and execution of the Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program. They also take part in special security details, and investigate crashes involving Department vehicles when requested.

Motorcycle (Motor) Unit

The Motorcycle Unit is responsible for investigating traffic complaint areas. They also take part in the Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program enforcement. The unit also handles extended traffic direction detail, and police escorts.

Hit & Run Unit

Personnel in the Hit & Run Unit report directly to the supervisor of the Selective Traffic Enforcement Unit. They are responsible for the investigation of traffic crashes in which an involved party fails to report the crash or leaves the scene of the crash.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Task Force

The Cobb County DUI Task Force is recognized as one of the best DUI apprehension units in the state of Georgia. They enforce all traffic laws and are primarily tasked with the apprehension of impaired drivers, thereby making Cobb County's roadways safer for all citizens. They accomplish this goal primarily with aggressive enforcement of state laws governing Driving Under the Influence in unincorporated Cobb County.

Violent Incident Prevention and Early Response unit (VIPER)

The VIPER unit mission is to reduce the occurrences of street level violent crimes. The Tactical Team provides support to both the Uniform and Detective Bureau. The team provides directed patrols in high crime areas, high risk warrant service and covert surveillance of entities likely to be victims of violent crimes.

Tactical (TAC) Team

The Tactical Team operates as a full-time SWAT Team and provides directed patrols in high crime areas, performs high risk warrant service, and conducts surveillance of areas involved in violent crimes. The Tactical Team supports both the Detective and Uniform Bureaus.

K-9 Unit

The Cobb County Police Department has five(5) K-9's assigned to the K-9 Unit. Each of the dogs are Belgian Malinois. All five dogs are dual purpose dogs, four of them being narcotics/patrol dogs and one being an explosives detection/patrol dog. The K-9 handlers and their dogs are required to have a minimum of at least eight (8) hours of training per week. The Units mission is to provide support to specialized units such as VIPER, TAC, SWAT, as well as the precincts and surrounding agencies. Each of these dogs hold certifications through The North American Police Work Dog Association, and The National Narcotics Detector Dog Association.

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