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An Act of Heroism

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September 25, 2018
Police Officer Escarcega

The Cobb County Police Department would like to recognize one of our own officers for a recent act of heroism when responding to a motor vehicle crash.

On Wednesday, September 5, 2018 at approximately 8:11 p.m., Officers Escarcega and Gallimore responded to an overturned vehicle near South Cobb Drive and Gym Road. Before they arrived, the dispatcher advised someone was still inside the vehicle and the vehicle was now beginning to burn.

When Officers Escarcega and Gallimore arrived on scene with Marietta Fire Engine 55 they found the vehicle in the woodline engulfed in flames. As the officers and firefighters approached the vehicle, they were unable to get to the victim due to the large amount of fire and smoke.

A Dobbins Air Force Service Member, who had jumped a barbed wire fence from the base in an attempt to get to the wreck, told first responders he saw a woman inside the vehicle. First responders heard screams coming from the vehicle but then they abruptly stopped. Two of the Marietta firefighters moved to the passenger side of the vehicle with a hose and yelled that they could see the female inside the vehicle. Officer Escarcega jumped a concrete barrier and ran toward the driver side of the vehicle that was still engulfed in flames and in a densely wooded area.

A Marietta firefighter was able to get the door open, and Officer Escarcega reached into the burning vehicle without hesitation and pulled the woman out. Officer Escarcega and a Marietta firefighter carried the woman away from the vehicle and to safety on the other side of the concrete barrier to receive immediate medical treatment. The female, who appeared unconscious, had suffered severe burns from the fire; she was rushed to Grady Memorial Hospital where she is currently recovering in the Burn Unit.

Officer Escarcega put his own safety on the line to save the life of a complete stranger. Without his bravery, it is unlikely that the female would have survived the wreck. The Cobb County Police Department would like to commend Officer Escarcega for his incredible act of bravery.