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Neighborhood Notes

Neighborhood Notes
September 1, 2020

In this day and age when there are so many stressed out people due to prolonged Covid-19 issues, it is a refreshing pleasure to see that we have officers exercising the patience and kindness, especially with an elderly citizen in distress.  

The Marietta Police Department here in Cobb County received a call with the below self-explanatory compliments.  Here is a summary of the phone call ….

A Florida resident, called this morning to recount an unfortunate event which happened on the 26th of July while driving on her first foray out of the state since COVID-19 began.  She was northbound on I-75 and for an unknown reason, what she described as “troopers” in white cars were slowing down cars by “squeezing, pulling out in front of them and then slowing down all the cars.”  The driver in front of her vehicle panicked and slammed on their brakes which in turn caused her to crash her car into the back of their car. 

Scott Davis of Marietta PD, was the officer who arrived on scene to assist.  Per the driver’s account, she is elderly and was so traumatized that she was shaking all over.  Officer Davis was calm, courteous and so very kind.  He was able to settle her somewhat and help her out in a bad situation.  Here she was, out of state, by herself, shaking like a leaf, and this gentle and kind man who was dropped out of heaven was there to take over.  As she was too shaky to even dial her phone, Officer Davis pushed the numbers for her to arrange for car repair, transportation, and a hotel  While AAA refused her transport due to the coronavirus, the Marietta Wrecker tow truck driver was nice enough to give her a ride to the hotel.

Although she received a ticket from Officer Davis for driving too closely, she couldn’t say enough about this amazing man who helped her out on that fateful day.  She wanted Officer Davis (and others) to know that because of his kind nature and efforts - she did not cancel her trip.  A few days later she was able to continue on her way.  She is now safe and sound and back at home!