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Citizen Lifesaver Award (March 26, 2018)

Mike Hammett Receiving Citizen Lifesaver Award
October 19, 2018

This is Mike Hammett, his step-son Christian, and the rest of the family who almost lost him, forever.

On March, 26th 2018, Mike asked Christian to call 911 and that's the last thing he remembers before regaining consciousness in the hospital bed.

Christian's call was answered by Emergency Communications Operator Cole Hansen who was able to give Christian directions to help Mr. Hammett as Cobb Fire Personnel and a Metro Atlanta Ambulance crew were on the way. When the fire crew arrived Mike had a critically slow heart rate that quickly became NO heart rate. When his heart stopped, CPR was initiated and after two minutes Mike's heart started beating again.

He had a few surgeries and spent a few weeks in the hospital, but Mike Hammett is back, baby!

Cobb County Fire Chief Randy Crider presented Christian with the Citizen Lifesaver Award.

He also presented EMS awards to the crews on Engine and Rescue 26: Hunter Schumaker, Alexander Carstens, Jeffery McCann, Stephen Blackmon, and Tayler Jaques.

Cobb County 911 Communications Director Destiny Davidson presented an award to Cole Hansen.

Outstanding work by everyone involved!