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Fire Department Hiring Process

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Work for Cobb County Fire & Emergency Services

Find out why the fire service is one of the best career choices you can make. View available positions and apply.

For questions, contact our recruiters from Cobb County Fire & Emergency Services via email at [email protected]  or call (678) 581-5477.

The Hiring Process

A candidate must pass each step during the process before progressing to the next. A candidate submits an online application to Cobb County Human Resources. Cobb County Public Safety Internal Affairs Division screens each application to determine if there are items on the application that would disqualify a candidate from the written test.

1. Written Test

The written test is a Civil Service entrance exam that is administered by the Cobb County Human Resources Department.

2. Physical Agility Test

The physical agility test is conducted by the Cobb County Fire & Emergency Services training division. The test consists of 11 stations that measure the candidate's ability to perform the tasks in a given amount of time. Dress for the test consists of sweat shirt and jeans. Each station of the test is outlined below. Watch a video here.

Tests are held at:

Cobb County Fire & Emergency Services Training Center
2109 Valor Drive
Marietta, GA 30008

This is a very physically demanding test, and you need to be prepared. We strongly recommend that you attend one of the practice sessions to be held at the above location. (times and dates will be announced)

  • You need to be in good physical condition.
  • Be actively involved in a regular exercise program.
  • Be in excellent cardio shape.
  • Get a good night sleep the night before the test.
  • Have a positive attitude.

 Physical Agility Test Components

  1. Station #1 - The Dry Hose Advance
    The male end of an uncharged 3-inch line will be moved forward for the distance of 100 feet.
  2. Station #2 - The Hose Couple
    The candidate will couple the male and female ends of sections of two 3-inch hoses.
  3. Station #3 - Equipment Carry/Stair Climb/Forced Entry
    The candidate will pick up and carry a power saw to the fourth story of the Cobb County Fire Training Tower. Two simulated cuts will be made by placing the blade of the saw onto a plywood sheet at a height of 5 feet and moving the saw in a downward direction while maintaining contact with the board during each simulated cut. The saw will then be carried down to the starting position. When ascending and descending stairs, the candidate must step on every stair. The saw may not be rested on the floor or ground during the entire task.
  4. Station #4 - The Line Crawl
    The candidate will go to the third floor of the Cobb County Fire Training Tower and enter the attic area. On hands and knees in a crawling position, the candidate will grasp a rope with one hand (this hand must maintain contact with the rope) and advance a 1.75-inch section of rolled hose a distance of 35 feet. Candidate will then turn around and grasp the rope with the opposite hand and advance a 1.75-inch section of rolled hose a distance of 35 feet returning to the starting point, placing the hose in the outlined area.
  5. Station #5 - Victim Rescue
    An anatomically correct mannequin weighing 140 pounds is placed on the ground in a supine position. The candidate will move the victim a distance of 100 feet.
  6. Station #6 - Ladder Carry & Mount
    The candidate will remove a roof ladder from ladder mounts and carries it a distance of 85 feet and place it on the ground in a designated area. The candidate will raise and lower a 24 foot extension ladder that is secured in an upright position. The fly section on the extension ladder should be extended fully and retracted without losing control. Candidate will pick up the roof ladder and return it to its original site, placing it on the ground beneath the ladder mounts.
  7. Station #7 - The Charged Hose Advance
    The candidate will pick up the nozzle end of a fully charged 1.75 inch hose and pull it through the ground level of the Cobb County Fire Training Tower where some obstacles will be encountered. The nozzle must clear the door on the opposite side of the tower to accomplish the task.
  8. Station #8 - Hydraulic Tool
    The candidate will pick up the hydraulic spreader tool from a platform and carry it a distance of 25 feet to a designated area. The tool will then be held with the tip placed in a notch in the top of the sawhorse, maintaining contact for a total of 30 seconds. The candidate will then return the tool to the platform. Once the tool is picked up, it may not be set down until the completion of the task.
  9. Station #9 - Pike Pole
    The candidate will remove a pike pole from its mounting bracket, stand within the boundary established by the equipment frame, and place the tip of the pole on the painted area of the hinged door in the ceiling. The candidate must fully push up the 60 pound hinged door in the ceiling with the pike pole 3 times. Then, the candidate will hook the pike pole to the 80 pound ceiling device and pull the pole down five times. Each set consists of three pushes and five pulls. This set must be repeated 4 times.
  10. Station #10 - Hose Uncouple
    The candidate will uncouple the male and female ends of two 3-inch hoses.
  11. Station #11 - Hose Roll
    The candidate will roll a 3-inch section of rolled hose, four 50 foot laps for a total of 200 feet. Advance hose using a hand more than hand motion while straddling the hose.

3. Interview with Internal Affairs

4. Background Check

All potential employees of the Cobb County Public Safety Department must undergo a complete background check. The investigation checks for criminal history, DUI's, a pattern of traffic violations, excessive number of terminations from previous employers, financial status, and drug use, possession or distribution.

5. Polygraph Examination

A polygraph test is given. The test consist of a variety of questions and is designed to verify the statements given by you in any of the previous steps.

6. Physical Exam

The physical exam is completed by a physician to determine whether you are able to perform the functions that may be required of you while employed with the Cobb County Fire.

7. Psychological Exam

8. Final Interview

More than 1000 individuals have become proud members of the Cobb County Fire & Emergency Services. We select only the best to join our department. We look forward to having you join our team.