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Precinct 2 PENS March 2023

Credit cards with a lock over the top
April 3, 2023

Welcome to the March edition of the PENS Bulletin brought to you by the Cobb County Police Criminal Investigations Unit at Precinct Two.

Crime Prevention Tips

Three factors must be present for a crime to occur: desire, ability, and opportunity. You can have a significant impact on opportunity and reduce crime by following these simple crime prevention tips.

ATM Awareness

  • Be careful when using an ATM, especially when getting cash. Follow these precautions: 
  • Always watch for suspicious persons or activity around an ATM.
  • If you notice anything strange, leave and return some other time.
  • Even if you have already started a transaction, cancel it and leave.
  • After dark, take a companion along, park close to the ATM in a well-lit area, and lock your car.
  • If the lights around the ATM aren't working, don't use it.
  • Use your body as a shield while you enter your access code, so no one can see you type it.
  • Take all of your transaction receipts with you; don't throw them away near the ATM.
  • If you get cash - put it away right away; don't stand at the ATM and count it.
  • Never accept offers of assistance with the ATM from strangers; ask the bank for help.
  • If you use a drive-up ATM, your vehicle's other doors should be locked with the windows up.
  • Memorize your access code. Don't write it down and/or carry it with you.
  • Don't use an access code that is the same as other words or numbers in your wallet.
  • Never tell your access code to ANYONE (including bank employees, the police, etc.).
  • Never lend your ATM card to anyone; treat it like cash or a credit card.
  • If you lose your ATM card, notify your bank or credit union immediately.

Precinct 2 Year-to-Date Statistics

Crime Event Number Trend %
Homicide 0 -100%
Robbery 7 -22%
Aggravated Assault 37 +6%
Residential Burglary 16 -18%
Commercial Burglary 17 -6%
Entering Auto 104 +32%
Theft 134 +34%
Vehicle Theft 50 +11%

Remember, Crime Trend data can be deceiving, but make no mistake, crime is up in South Cobb. We work hard in the uniform and detective bureaus to keep our community safe. We need your help. Call 911 to report suspicious activity, register your cameras, and lock your vehicles when parked. Small steps can make a big difference.

A Crisis Has No Schedule

Help is available 24/7 for problems with developmental disabilities, mental health, drugs, or alcohol.

Call the Georgia Crisis & Access Line at 1-800-715-4225 or visit

Community Affairs Unit

The Community Affairs Unit seeks to effectively engage the community and citizens to strengthen Public Safety and community partnerships, facilitate a joint effort in solving problems that affect our community, and foster enhanced trust, communication, transparency, and mutual respect. Officers work with homeowner’s associations, community organizations, advocacy groups, public and private schools, faith-based organizations, and individual residents to promote mutually beneficial partnerships.  As a result of these working partnerships, the officers are able to develop proactive crime-fighting projects that are jointly undertaken by Department personnel and citizens.

Happenings in South Cobb

On April 15, 2023, the Mableton Improvement Coalition (MIC) will host the Taste of Mableton with the theme - "One Mableton; Stronger Together." The Taste of Mableton will be held at the Mable House Complex from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

First comes the parade! It’s a showcase of the talents of Mableton’s high school marching bands and demonstrates our One Mableton theme with Mableton Ministers United marching together under a single banner. Throughout the day you’ll sample a fusion of flavors, passion, people, culture, service, and lifestyles that make Mableton so unique. You can rock out to live performances from some of the best talent in the area, including Cobb County Center for Performing Arts, School of Rock, Aaron Hurst Gospel Band, and Checkered Blue.

Take your time with a diverse array of vendors, food trucks, artists, and nonprofit organizations. Be a part of the collaborative One Mableton Art Projects — “Colors of the Community” and “Quilt of Mableton”. The STE(A)M Truck and area schools will amaze you too! For the kids, teens, and adults who want unlimited fun, our Family Fun Zone will deliver an action-packed experience you won’t forget. DJ Kina Keen will keep the energy high with sounds across all genres, interacting with attendees to provide an unforgettable experience.

There will be something for everyone at the Taste of Mableton, so mark your calendar now and join us on April 15th! You won’t want to miss this exciting celebration of Mableton’s culture and community.

Crime Trends in South Cobb

Ladies and Gentlemen, our current crime trends continue to be Entering Autos. The bulk of the Entering Autos are taking place overnight and early in the morning. The majority of all the Entering Autos have been UNLOCKED vehicles with valuables including guns left inside. PLEASE remove all valuables especially guns from your vehicles every time you park and leave the vehicle. During these Entering Autos, we had several vehicles that were also stolen. The perpetrators were able to steal the vehicles because the victim had left their Key Fob inside the vehicles. Even if you hide the Key Fob it still allows the perpetrator to hit the push-button start and leave with the vehicle. Remove all keys and key fobs before leaving your vehicle. Also, double-check that ALL vehicle doors are locked.

If you observe someone breaking into vehicles do not approach them and immediately call 911. From a safe place provide 911 with an accurate description of the suspects, involved vehicles, and what direction the suspect is going. No property is worth getting hurt over.

Entering Auto Prevention

  • Lock your vehicles and remove items of value and items that appear to contain valuables.
  • If you can’t keep them with you, secure your valuables in the trunk before reaching your location.

Keep your vehicle locked and your purse or wallet on your person while fueling at the gas station.

Precinct Two Heroes at Work

On February 26, 2023, police officers answered the call to respond to a male subject with a rifle pointing the weapon at a female. Upon arrival, officers located a male matching the description given to dispatchers. The male was yelling and was seen with a handgun in his waistband. Officers confronted the subject using commands, officers were able to direct the subject to the ground were he was taken into custody. Further investigation revealed the male had confronted a female and a juvenile in the parking lot of their apartment complex. The male was making threats and threw a glass bottle at the female before pointing a weapon at her and making threats. Because of the officers’ quick reaction and bravery in confronting the male subject, the threat was de-escalated. The male was charged with two counts of Aggravated Assault, Obstruction, and Child Cruelty. Two guns were recovered from the incident.

On March 11, 2023, Officers responded to an apartment complex regarding a complaint of three males attempting to enter vehicles. Upon arrival, officers canvassed the area and were able to locate three suspects, and they fled on foot. Officers pursued the males and were able to take the suspects into custody. The suspects were all juveniles ages 15, 14, and 12. The suspects were found to be in possession of items stolen from several vehicles. Additionally, a stolen vehicle was located in the complex, that one juvenile admitted to driving to the apartment complex. They were charged with Entering Auto and Obstruction through the juvenile court.

On March 17, 2023, Officers responded to a motel where an Armed Robbery had occurred. Upon arrival, they met with the victim, who advised he was grilling out and providing food for people who were in need. The victim returned to his motel room to check on his family. A male subject armed with a handgun entered his room and demanded the victim turn over his valuables and cash. The victim complied, and the suspect left. Officers gathered a description of the suspect, and while investigating the crime, the victim observed the suspect back at the motel but was entering a vehicle. He alerted officers, and they attempted a traffic stop on the suspect’s vehicle. A male matching the suspect’s description stopped the vehicle and fled from the driver’s seat on foot. Officers pursued the subject and were able to catch him and take him into custody. The officers found a loaded handgun on the suspect. He was charged with Armed Robbery and Obstruction.

Cobb County Camera Registry

The Cobb County Police Camera Registration program is a police/community video partnership that operates on a voluntary basis with homeowners, neighborhoods and business owners who own private video surveillance systems. We encourage both businesses and residents to register their cameras online by completing the form below.

This program is intended to let our officers know where cameras are active in the county in case a crime occurs. It is not intended for active surveillance, and officers will not have direct access to homeowners' cameras. Those who register a camera will be contacted if a crime occurs in the vicinity of that camera. Information provided by residents and businesses will be maintained in a secure database.

Fill out our Online Registration Form and find out more about the program.

Police Athletic League

Cobb PAL focuses on juvenile crime prevention through athletic and recreational activities for Cobb County’s high-risk neighborhoods, primarily in South Cobb. There are many ways that you can help, whether it be spreading the word, getting your children involved, volunteering your time and resources or donating money. If you wish to assist this worthwhile program and make a donation, visit Ways to Help.

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