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Chief's Message to Applicants



Cobb County Police Applicants


E. S. VanHoozer, Chief of Police
J.D. Ferrell, Deputy Chief of Police
B.D. Cohen, Deputy Chief of Police
S.C. Kucynda, Deputy Chief of Police

Joining the Cobb County Police Family

The Cobb County Police Department is glad that you have an interest in joining our Department. We strive to be one of the best law enforcement agencies within the nation and would like the opportunity to include you within the ranks of our officers. The population that we serve is very diverse and we recognize the inherent worth of all people while also providing professional, courteous and effective law enforcement services.

Our department is built by men and women that believe strongly in the core values of honor, integrity, courage, commitment, respect and professionalism to all people. Many apply to become police officers in our department but only the best candidates are hired and given the opportunity to attend our state approved police academy. The training is challenging and very demanding but also very rewarding.

If you believe that you have the qualities, characteristics and the initiative needed to become one of the best police officers possible and you want to make a difference within the Cobb County community, then I welcome you to apply to the Cobb County Police Department.

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