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NOTICE - Photography Permit

Young girls sitting in a field at East Cobb Park.
December 10, 2019

Photography (Photo) permits are now required when conducting photography business in Cobb Parks.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

  • Do all Cobb County Parks require a photo permit?
    • Yes, all Parks managed by Cobb PARKS require a photo permit.
  •  How can I obtain a photo permit?
    • To obtain a photo permit requests must be made by contacting Cobb PARKS at 770-528-8800.
  •  Am I allowed to set up props for my photo shoot?
    •  Small props may be used in common areas only provided they do not block trails, cause no damage to the grounds and leave no trace of having been there.  The use of tents, canopies, trellises, etc. are permitted but they may NOT be staked into the ground.  Any item that requires staking or other type of ground penetration are NOT permitted.  Vehicles, wagons, structures or other large items are NOT permitted.  Small props may be used only in common areas and not in gardens or other planted areas.
  •  Is the use of special effects like smoke bombs, sparklers, glitter or fire works allowed in parks?
    • Incendiary devices such as smoke pots, sparklers, or fireworks are prohibited.  Items such as glitter, confetti, streamers, etc. that cannot be completely  removed by the permit holder prior to the expiration of their permit are prohibited.
  •  Am I allowed to drive a vehicle onto the grass to drop off equipment?
    • Motorized vehicles of any type are not permitted anywhere but in designated parking areas.
  •  Can I email someone if I have a question?
    • Yes, if you have a question or would like to share a comment, please email Charlie Monroe at, [email protected]
  • How much does a photo permit cost?
    • The cost of photo permits are: Resident $100/day, Non-resident $150/day, Non-profit $100/day, Commercial $150/day