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COVID Declaration of Emergency to Expire

Photo of a sign stating masks required.
November 16, 2021

Chairwoman Cupid to Allow COVID Declaration of Emergency to Expire - Cobb’s County Manager will also lift the mask mandate in county buildings

November 16, 2021 - Cobb County Board of Commissioners Chairwoman Lisa Cupid indicated Tuesday she will allow the latest extension to the countywide Declaration of Emergency concerning the COVID pandemic to expire at midnight.

“Although the transmission levels of COVID-19 are still considered high, Public Health officials say they are declining along with the number of newly reported cases and the test positivity rate,” Chairwoman Cupid said.  “One of my biggest concerns was the effect on our local hospitals, but WellStar reports low levels of COVID cases and they recently transitioned to “green” status, meaning that beds are vacant and visitors are again allowed in the hospital.”

Although the declaration will sunset, Chairwoman Cupid still urges residents to get the COVID vaccine, including children ages 5-to-11 that are now eligible for a lower dose vaccine.

The Declaration has allowed the county to hold some public meetings virtually and kept the county’s Emergency Operations Plan active. The Chairwoman indicated she would remain in contact with Public Health officials who remain concerned that colder weather and the holidays could reignite a surge.

County Manager Dr. Jackie McMorris said she would lift the mandate on mask-wearing in county government facilities when the declaration expires.  Mask wearing will still be highly encouraged in county government buildings, for both staff and visitors, especially when near others.