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2019 Fun in the Park Photo Contest Winners Announced

Photo of 3 baseball players kneeling and talking
November 27, 2019

The 'Fun in the Park' Photo Contest is over for 2019 and once again we had a great response. Over 160 photos were submitted in three categories: general category, nature and wildlife and sports and action. With so many great photos submitted, the judges had a difficult time selecting the winners. Once the scores were tabulated, the following photographers were selected:

General Category    
     1st Place                            Jason Holtz
     2nd Place                          Robin Willman
     3rd Place                           Calvin Evans
     Honorable Mention    John Ridings
     Honorable Mention    Robyn Beck
     Honorable Mention    Sheela Belagaje
     Honorable Mention    McKenzie Rice
     Honorable Mention    Xochitl Cuen

Nature and Wildlife
     1st Place                            Trish Albert
     2nd Place                          Ginny Jarvis
     3rd Place                           Robin Willman
     Honorable Mention    Alisha Berry
     Honorable Mention    Robin Willman
     Honorable Mention    Madelyn Muraoka

Sports and Action    
     1st Place                            Robin Willman
     2nd Place                          Robin Willman (pictured)
     3rd Place                           Ryan Sanscraint
     Honorable Mention    Bette Justice
     Honorable Mention    Larry Schnall
     Honorable Mention    Trish Albert

The winning photos can be found here. Thanks to all the photographers for their participation! Now it is time to start taking pictures for the 2020 contest.