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Photography Permits

Annual Professional Photography Memberships

An Annual Professional Photography Membership is required when conducting photography business on any Cobb County PARKS property. "Photography business" is defined as any commercial enterprise or anyone who is making money photographing on any Cobb County PARKS property.

News reporters or journalists taking photos for media purposes are not required to have a membership. The 2018 Cobb Communications Policy, which spells out guidelines about media access to public areas would take precedent.

Parents taking pictures of their children or scout troops posing after an event are not be required to have a membership.

Memberships cost $100/year for Cobb County Residents and $150/year for non-residents. The membership is valid for one year from the date of purchase. A paper membership card is available by contacting the Cobb County PARKS main office:

Cobb Parks Department
1792 County Services Parkway
Marietta, Georgia 30008

(770) 528-8819
(770) 528-8801 (fax)

**You MUST have your membership purchase receipt or your membership card on your person whenever conducting a photo shoot in any Cobb County PARK. You are required to show, upon request, your membership receipt or card to any Cobb County PARKS staff member or public safety officer. Violations discovered by PARKS staff will be referred to the park rangers who may issue citations which could result in fines. 

Why memberships were considered:

There are a few reasons:

  • Cobb County Code prohibits all commercial activity in any park without an approval.
  • Photographers and businesses were advertising photo packages that included scenic areas of Cobb County PARKS properties.  They were using Cobb County PARKS properties as backdrops for their business.
  • Cobb PARKS was receiving complaints from park patrons that they were being they were restricted from using areas of some parks.

Props and Set Up

  • Small props may be used only in common areas provided they cause no damage to the grounds and leave no trace of having been there.
  • The use of tents, canopies, trellises, etc. are permitted but they may NOT be staked into the ground.
  • Any item that requires staking or other type of ground penetration is NOT permitted.
  • Vehicles, wagons, structures or other large items are NOT permitted.
  • Small props may be used only in common areas and not in gardens or other planted areas.
  • Incendiary devices such as smoke pots, sparklers, or fireworks are prohibited.
  • Items such as glitter, confetti, streamers, etc. that cannot be completely removed by the membership holder prior to leaving the park.
  • Motorized vehicles of any type are not permitted anywhere but in designated parking areas.
  • Your membership allows you access to the common areas of the park only. It does not include the use of or access to buildings, pavilions or other park structures.
  • Your membership does NOT entitle you the exclusive use of any portion of the park. You may NOT impede the use of the park by other park patrons.