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Stop, Drop, and Read: Cobb’s Favorite Reading Places

a word map of dozens of different words relating to people's favorite places to read
June 29, 2022

It is no secret reading is a favorite go-to for many trying to escape the hustle and bustle of life. While many can just stop, drop, and read others require a specific environment or space dedicated for reading.

We asked our Cobb Library community members to complete the Great Cobb Outdoor Read-a-Thon survey to let us know their favorite places to read. Top spots included parks and spaces in your own homes like the porch.

a chart titles "Favorite Places for Cobb to Read": Lake/Creek, Park, Trails, Home, Neighborhood Area

Find all of your favorite places to read in the interactive map created by Raymond Goslow, senior library assistant for periodicals. “You can click or tap each marked location (in the map) to see what the person who submitted it had to say about it,” says Goslow. “If you zoom out, you might find a special surprise location far away from Cobb!”


Goslow created this map knowing that we all have that one place we love to take a book and get lost in its story.

Library Director Helen Poyer says one of her favorite places to read is snuggled in her bed with a cup of hot tea and something sweet. “I escape the day by entering into the world of fiction, especially the mysteries that eventually lull me to sleep,” says Poyer. 

Her love of mysteries is one of the reasons she always enjoyed working at the Library’s reference desk. Researching a question and finding the right answer has always been rewarding for her. 

Poyer, Goslow, and everyone else at the library encourages Cobb’s community to join the Summer Reading Challenge. Make some time for yourself to experience the joys of reading in your special space! Learn more about the challenge at