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A Club for Those Who Freestyle (or not)

a microphone and the text 'Freestyle Club'
January 20, 2023

Music, even creating improvised songs, is a great way to express and ease the mind in addition to improving mental well-being. Starting on Wednesday, January 25, a new Freestyle Club for ages 13 and up will meet Wednesdays at 6:30 pm at Stratton Library, 1100 Powder Springs Rd. SW, Marietta 30064, near the County Services Parkway intersection. 

Freestyle Club is an opportunity for anyone to be in a space with others to express themselves in a creative way and improvise their own lyrics over beats, said Steven Valentine, Library Assistant Senior and creator of Freestyle Club.

Valentine started freestyling with his college roommate when he was a sophomore at Mercer University. He started freestyling about needing to go to class and continued to practice in order to become better at it. When he found himself using the same rhymes he decided to start reading various types of materials with the intention of learning new words and phrases. The process helped him become more creative with his words.

 “I’ve learned that everything can be technically connected if you want it to be,” said Valentine. “I have also found that speaking, whether it be in a public or personal setting, has become easier.”

Valentine formed a Freestyle Club when he was in college that created an opportunity for people with similar interests to meet up and perform during various events. He encourages anyone to participate in this club in order to have a safe space to practice and find other like-minded people in the community who can help them in this journey.