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Summer Reading Challenge FAQs


What is Summer Reading Challenge?

Summer Reading Challenge is Cobb County Public Library’s annual initiative to engage our patrons throughout the summer. From June 1 to July 31, patrons are encouraged to participate in the Summer Reading Challenge to track their reading and earn badges using Beanstack to win prizes!


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What ages can participate in the Summer Reading Challenge?

Anyone can participate in the Summer Reading Challenge! There are no age limits and there is something for everyone, birth through adulthood.

Why should I sign up for Summer Reading Challenge?

The Library’s Summer Reading Challenge encourages everyone to get active in their community, it celebrates reading, and is a great way for children, teens, and adults to have fun together and independently.

Why should my child sign up for Summer Reading Challenge?

Studies have shown that students often experience a “summer slide,” meaning that they lose educational gains made during the school year, especially in reading. Our Summer Reading Challenge is a fun and easy way to track how much reading children are engaging in over the summer. Let’s fight the “summer slide” together!

Are there any social media challenges this year?

You better believe it! We will have a separate Facebook and Instagram challenge. Both challenges will post on Friday mornings at 8 am. We'll randomly choose a winner for each platform in June and July. Good luck!

Facebook Challenge: Real or Mythical? The oceans are full of weird and wonderful creatures. Guess if the featured creature is real or mythical! We'll post the answers Monday mornings at 8 am. **Comment on the guess post(s) (not the reveal posts) to be entered into the prize drawing.

Instagram Challenge: Message in a Bottle Can you answer the message hidden in the bottle? Get a clue each week to decode the message! **Comment the answer to the message before the last Monday of the month to be entered into the prize drawing.


What is Beanstack?

Beanstack is an online reading tracker for your whole family. Log your reading and learning activities all summer long with Beanstack's easy-to-use app!

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Who uses Beanstack?

Everyone! Track your participation for yourself or the whole family through Beanstack.

How do you sign up for a Beanstack account?

  1. Visit or download the Beanstack App (by Zoobean) from the Apple Store or Google Play.
  2. Create an account in Beanstack. 
  3. Add “readers,” yourself and/or the members of your family.
  4. Choose activities to complete and/or log your reading. 
  5. Earn ten badges and receive a completion prize! PRIZES??
  6. Automatically be entered into a drawing for a mindfulness basket at your selected library.

How many times may I/my child be entered into the drawing for the grand prize?

You may only enter into the drawing one time. Good luck!

Do I need to visit the library?

You do not need to visit the library to complete learning activities. However, you will need to visit the library to pick up your completion prize.

How many activities can I/my child complete each day?

As many as you want! You can find more activities on our website at

Is there a paper version?

Yes! We’ve posted a paper log at for you to download and print if you prefer. In order for you to receive a prize, you will need to create an account in Beanstack; but don’t worry, library staff will be happy to help you create it.

Why are students logging minutes read instead of listing the books they have read?

There are many reasons why we have decided to track minutes read. Children may become discouraged because they did not read a certain number of books in the summer. Recording minutes read instead of the number of books reduces pressure and helps children enjoy reading more! It also encourages children to read books of all lengths and sizes. 

Note: If you would like to keep a list of your child’s books, please visit to print a paper log at home or ask your librarian for one.

My family is out of town at the end of summer. How can we still participate?

Everyone can log activities and reading on Beanstack no matter where they are.

My child was already signed up for a summer reading program at school. Why should we participate in the public library’s program?

We have joined forces with Marietta City Schools and Cobb County School District to promote reading all summer. Children can log the minutes they have read, even with required reading. Beanstack provides fun incentives the more reading your child logs and you can stop by your local library to pick up reading material.