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Black History Month Poetry Celebration [Virtual Program]


This program is virtual and will not take place in the library. 

In February, we received some wonderful Poetry submissions that celebrate Black History Month. We enjoyed them and hope that you will too. 

Here are your poems. Please enter your feedback here




“Black Hair” by Toni N. H.

Click here to hear the poet read this poem. 


Back in the day, You made fun of my kitchen.
On picture day, you laughed
As I ran that little black comb
Through my world of tension.
Although it was difficult to manage,
It was a beautiful mane.
It was frizzy and bushy, and
It took an hour to tame.
But you can no longer laugh
As I now do wonders with my hair.
You gape in amazement
Because you think my styles are rare.
I’m very diverse
When it comes to my tresses.
I can wear it long and straight
By either relaxing it or pressing it.
I can sport a sophisticated look
Precisely cut short and sassy, or
I can pick it into a ‘fro
If it is naturally kinky and nappy.
And if I chop it off too much
You can easily be deceived.
I can make it long and luxurious again
By adding a quick weave.
When I’m feeling a little Afrocentric,
I have the perfect styles for that -
Locks, knots, and two-strand twists or
I can tie it up in a head wrap.
If I want an exotic, flamboyant look,
I have designs you won’t believe.
My fringes can be sculpted
To look like pineapples, beehives, and trees.
And if I get a bit lazy,
I can get some microbraids, or
Like Ms. Badu and India
I can shave it off into a fade.
I can have it uniquely cornrowed.
About my braider I love to brag
Because the rows are no longer straight back -
They’re fish-boned, crisscrossed, or zigzagged.
And for that special occasion,
Such as weddings or sorority balls,
I can pin it into a French roll, or
Have lots of curls set with straws.
When I’m having a bad hair day,
I pull out one of my favorite wigs or
Tuck it under a baseball cap
Because the humidity made it too big.
And if rain is in the forecast,
I’ll pull back into a ponytail.
To smooth out those rough edges,
I slick it down with a toothbrush and gel.
I even had the most popular styles
As I was growing up -
A jheri curl and finger waves and
The infamous asymmetrical cut
It can be bobbed, crimped,
Flipped, and teased,
Sparkled, sprayed, and
Decorated with beads.
I can do almost anything with my hair,
And you have every reason to hate
Because you can only do four things to yours, and
That’s wear it up, down, curly, or straight.


“I Matter Because….” by Rohan R.

I matter because, 
I am kind, 

I matter because, 
I am dramatic, 

I matter because, 
I work, 
I make, 
I consume. 

I matter because,  
I read, 
I write, 
I sing. 

I matter because, 
I live,  
I love, 
I enjoy. 

I matter because, 
I smell the roses, 
I taste the food, 
I hear the animals. 

I matter because,  
I feel the wind, 
I feel the water, 
I feel the earth. 

I matter because, 
I feel the injustice, 
I feel the stories, 
I feel the lives.  

I matter because, 
I love my friends, 
I encourage, 
I help. 


“Untitled” by Brandi S. 

He knows my love has been pure
& from that purity anew in its form
Growth, maturation 
Covered, saturation 
Vessel to birth among nations
Vessel to atone divisions among nations
The continuum of God's creations 
The best of the best
Taken from the two
Where love was found
Where love abounds 
Kisses sealed with authenticity 
Disses frame in the audacity 
Duality, twin cities 
2020 purging all the hate in me
Ashes meet dust
Dust meets dawn
Vantage point, 
Queen to a pawn
It is clearer now 
It doesn't matter much the how
I'm arising
& you may trust so will my loves


If you enjoyed these, then we hope you will be inspired to create your own and check back for future opportunities to share your thoughts.


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