The Zen Zone

Tuesday, 9/19/2023 - Tuesday, 9/19/2023
10:00am - 11:00am
bold black letters with The ZEN ZONE WEEKDAYS 10AM-11AM. Image of a woman wearing purple top and pants sitting in meditation pose with a calendar, clock and cell phone surrounding her. Image of man wearing a blue top also sitting in mediation pose.

Need a moment to de-stress before a busy day? Feeling anxious and need a space to breathe? Visit the Accessibility Services Room weekdays from 10am-11am for a moment of calm!


Enjoy activities such as guided breathing exercises, relaxing music,  mindfulness journaling prompts or just relax in our sensory friendly space. 


All ages are welcome for this hour of quiet and calming reflection.

Contact Info

For questions please call 770-528-2376 or email