Cubing Hangout

Monday, 10/02/2023 - Monday, 10/02/2023
06:30pm - 07:30pm

"Calling all Rubik's Cube enthusiasts for a fun-filled evening of solving and sharing! Whether you want to branch out and discover new kinds of twisty puzzles, take your cubing skills to the next level by preparing for a competition, or just enjoy the company of like-minded kids, Cubing Hangout is the place for you.


This program is intended for those who are already familiar with at least the basics of solving a Rubik's Cube, but beginners are still welcome to attend and learn from other cubers. Ages 7 and up."

Tweens (ages 9 to 12)
Contact Info

Switzer Library Children's Department 

266 Roswell St NE, Marietta, GA 30060