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KCB Seeking AmeriCorp VISTA Intern

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March 28, 2019

AmeriCorp VISTA  Description

Title:  Cobb County, GA VISTA Program Facilitator

Sponsoring Organization: Keep Cobb Beautiful  

Project Name: Keep Cobb Beautiful Adopt-A-Green Spot Facilitator

Project Period:  May 2019 - May 2020

Compensation: Living Allowance and Relocation Allowance

Site Name: Cobb County, GA

Focus Area(s)

  • Primary: Mableton/Austell Neighborhoods  
  • Secondary: Marietta Neighborhoods

VISTA Assignment Objectives and Member Activities

Goal of the Project:  To identify low-income communities with food security issues and provide access to fresh fruits and vegetables through community gardens; increasing community engagement, empowerment and partnerships to help eradicate local poverty.   

Objective 1

To facilitate a community gardening program for low-income residents to have easy and convenient access to community gardens within walking distance.

Member Activities:

  • Mapping garden sites and food desert locations/creating a plan to address most impoverished communities and what crops to grow/working with GIS (Geographic Information System) team.
  • Research low-income locations and identify ideal garden locations
  • Work with volunteers to build garden sites in identified locations.
  • Plot garden locations on county GIS mapping database for community members and businesses to identify quickly online.
  • Create Citizen Action Group and collect suggestions and ideas from residents
  • Working with KCB volunteers and Master Gardener Association
  • Work on data and detailed plans to move project forward to year 2  

Objective 2

To facilitate community engagement and partnerships with the local business community to provide on-going funding and support for the gardening program – hence implementing the Adopt-A-Green-Spot Program as a community collaboration. 

Member Activities:

  • Identify community business leaders and research funding opportunities
  • Secure support/funding from business community
  • Facilitate partnership between community members and the business.
  • Create on-going business agreement to ensure the sustainability of the AAGS program.

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Press Contact Info

Email - [email protected]

Phone - (770)-528-1135