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Medication Disposal Event

Accepting prescribed & over the counter medications in liquid or pill form.  NO SHARPS/NEEDLES.

Take inventory of your family's medicine cabinets.  Are there expired medications or medications no longer being used?   

Safely dispose of unused and expired medications by bringing them to this FREE event.    Law enforcement personnel will be at this location to collect medications and properly dispose of them in compliance with federal law.  Medicines do not have to be removed from their containers and labels do not have to be removed.  Everything collected will be immediately sealed in boxes and destroyed.

Accepted Items:  Prescription and over-the-counter, liquid and pill form, ointments, patches, creams and vials.

Unaccepted Items: NO NEEDLES/SHARPS, durable medical equipment (CPAP, nebulizers, etc.)

*Medications flushed down the toilet may contaminate our lakes, streams and groundwater causing harm to humans, wildlife and vegetation.  Medications thrown in the trash can cause poisoning by accidental ingestion by young children, pets and even wildlife.*

Event Contact Info

Keep Cobb Beautiful

(770) 528-1135

or email us at [email protected]