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CIGNA is Changing to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia January 1, 2019

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November 16, 2018

On January 1, 2019, your health plan’s drug list will change.

Find your drug list

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia (BCBSGa) is pleased to be the new Prescription Drug administrator for Cobb County effective January 1, 2019. With the change, we wanted to provide a few tips to help you with the transition for the new year.

What should I expect?

We are working hard to make the change as easy as possible. However, as with any change, there may be an opportunity you will experience some differences, primarily related to where a drug is placed on the drug list. However, you may not experience any change other than the advantage of having just one ID card for both your medical and prescription drug needs!

What is the drug list?

A drug list is a list of medications your plan covers. Sometimes this is referred to as a “formulary”. Where a drug falls on the drug list determines the copayment (tier) and if there are any other requirements, such as prior authorization or step therapy. With the change to BCBSGa, there was opportunity for the drug list under your current plan to be different than the drug list BCBSGa uses.

Check out your new drug list by clicking the link above. Choose the National Drug List 4-Tier (Searchable) to see which drugs are covered and at what tier level. Drugs in higher tiers have a higher copayment. You may find that the drug you are taking now will have a different tier assignment under BCBSGa. This will change the copayment you are paying, which may be lower or may be higher.

What if my drug is not on the drug list?

With the change to BCBSGa, there is opportunity for the drug list to not include a drug you are currently taking. If that happens, you will receive a letter from BCBSGa advising of the change and the need to speak with your doctor. You should receive this letter, if it applies to you, in November 2018. The letter will list the prescription you are currently taking that is not on our drug list, along with an alternative to speak with your doctor about.

Talk to your doctor about this change. Only you and your doctor can decide what’s right for you. If a medication you take isn’t included on the drug list, there may be a brand alternative, a generic equivalent or Over the Counter (OTC) options available. If an alternative isn’t right for you, your doctor can submit a request for an exception. This process, called prior authorization, requires your doctor to call the Member Services number on your ID card or go to our website to download and submit the prior authorization form.

Reminder about your ID card?

Please remember you will be receiving a new ID card from BCBSGa and you will need to present this new card at the pharmacy for your first prescription in 2019. It has all the new plan information to allow your prescription to be filled.

Also, your new ID card will actually show our new brand name, which is Anthem. It’s still the same Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia you know, just a new name.

Do you have questions?

You can call the Member Services number on your ID card. We can also help you find out if a drug is covered.