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Cobb Launches New Website

Cobb Homepage SPLOST Tablet
November 17, 2018

After months of research and gathering input from residents, Cobb County Government’s new website is live. To improve efficiency and streamline the delivery of online services, the new web portal brings all county departments under one system. The open source platform of this new system will evolve over time and keep pace with advances in technology.

This new site was funded by the voter-approved 2016 Technology Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax’s digital e-government initiative. Interpersonal Frequency, based out of Washington D.C., won the contract in a competitive bidding process and began work in late 2017. Interpersonal Frequency staff helped Cobb County focus our SPLOST funds where it would have the most impact for residents and businesses owners: creating a mobile-friendly, ADA compliant, service-centric website. Even though the website is now complete, our contract ensures ongoing support, monitoring, updates and adjustments for two years.

The company will also provide insight and analysis about the online behavior of residents and their interactions with our website. Millions of daily interactions allow Interpersonal Frequency staff to compare our performance against evolving national data so we can improve the online experience and best serve the needs of our users. This ensures residents will continue to have a voice in the website’s improvements over time.

Click here to provide your feedback on our new website.

To assist during the transition we will keep an archived version of our old site online for a brief period.
Click here for the archive of our old site