Planting for GA Pollinators

Thursday, 6/13/2024 - Thursday, 6/13/2024
10:00am - 11:00am

Please sign up for this workshop at the following locations & dates:

  • Freeman Poole Senior Services Center - 06/13/2024
  • Vinings Library - 07/24/2024
  • Kemp Memorial Library - 08/13/2024

About this event

Ever wonder which plants and flowers attract each type of pollinator? Or why is planting for pollinators so important? We’ll discuss the different kinds of pollinators that Georgia calls home and which plants they like best. We’ll also discover how to keep gorgeous blossoms in your garden nearly all year round!

Teens (ages 12 to 17)
Adults (ages 18+)
Seniors (ages 60+)
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Class or Workshop
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Sarah Dunn