KCB Community Recycling Event

Saturday, 4/13/2024 - Saturday, 4/13/2024
09:00am - 01:00pm

Come join us for the Free Community Recycling Event!

April 13, 2024, 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Jim Miller Park
2245 Callaway Road
Marietta, Georgia

Accepted Items

Candy wrappers (no metal foil) Chip Bags/Snack bags or wrappers (no metal foil) Coffee pods (no coffee grinds/no metal foil)
Condiment packets (no metal foil) Clean Foam cups/Clean foam-to-go containers Foam packing peanuts
Frozen fruit bags Frozen potato bags Frozen vegetable bags
Granola/Energy/Protein bar wrappers (no metal foil) Juice pouches (no metal foil) Laundry pouches
Microwavable pouches Plastic cheese bags Plastic cups, plates bowls (no #1 PET)*
Plastic deli wrap/trays (remove pad) Plastic liners from powder mixes Plastic pet food bags (no paper)*
Plastic film grocery/shopping bags Plastic straws/plastic stir sticks (no wood) Plastic utensils
Plastic toothpaste tubes (no metal foil) Pudding cups (no metal foil) Salad bags, Snack bags, Self-sealing bags
Snack bags Self-sealing bags Squeezable pouches (no metal foil)
Stand-up pouches (no metal foil) Polystyrene  (break down to fit into the bag)  


Don't see your item - contact us!

Computer Monitors Video Machines Telephones CD Players Cell Phones
Microwave Ovens Alarm Clocks Testing & Networking Equipment Circuit Boards Lawn Mowers/Riding Mowers
Computer CPU's Disk Drives Cameras Portable Radios Cables & Cords
Stereos VCRs CB Radios Electrical Panels Projectors
Toasters Can Openers Modems Typewriters Keyboards
Laptops Floppy Drives Computer Mice UPS Battery Back-Up 8-Tracks (Reel to Reel Tape)
Copiers &  Printers Video Cameras Record Players Fax Machines Scanners 
Steel Aluminum Cast Iron Hard Drives Gaming Systems
*Each CRT TV $10  CASH only* *Each CRT MONITOR $10 CASH only* Stoves & Ovens Washers & Dryers Water Heaters
Refrigerators Grills Lawn Equipment Flat Screen TV Flat Screen Monitors

Textiles and Household Items

Only items that are clean and in good condition will be accepted.

All Clothing in good, clean condition Jewelry, crafts, mugs, candle holders, baskets, ornaments All kitchenware Videos, DVDs, Blu-Rays
Shoes (even singles) Bed linens, blankets, pillows, curtains, tablecloths Hardback/Paperback books Videos games and consoles
Accessories such as hats, gloves, scarves, ties, purses, wallets, backpacks, belts, etc. Bath towels, hand towels, wash cloths, bath rugs (no carpeting or underlayment) Records, tapes, CDs Toys, games, puzzles
Eco-Sneakers Collection: Bring sneakers aka tennis shoes in any type of condition. This will support eco-SMULCH, a closed-loop recycling innovation that produces sandals, playground mulch, stuff toys and more.

Items Not Accepted 

Batteries* Furniture*** Rags/Glass*** Used Pack n’ Play Cribs***
Bio-hazardous waste Household fixtures (cabinet, door, window, etc.)*** Plumbing fixtures (pipe, toilet, sink)*** Pianos***
Household items*** Household hazardous waste (oil, paint, fuel, etc.)* Rugs*** Construction Material***
Firearms Light bulbs* Rags*** Firearms, Stun Guns and Firearm Accessories
Flip flop shoes*** Mattress/Box Springs *** Used children’s car seats*** Anything wet, mildewed or otherwise compromised in a way that may deem it as trash***

*These items can be disposed of at our Household Hazardous Waste Event.

***These items can be taken to the Cobb County Transfer Station located at 1897 County Services Road, Marietta  (770-485-8940).  Call for fees and hours of operation.