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Rumors / FAQ's Surrounding Election Integrity

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December 4, 2020

Cobb County Elections and Registration has received many of the same questions and concerns surrounding the November 3, 2020 General / Special Election.  Many of these are detailed below:

Is there any truth to rumors about Dominion voting system malfunctions?

  • Cobb County Elections has found no evidence of any system malfunction during any of the elections in which we used the Dominion voting system.
  • Equipment is tested prior to every election and any unit that does not perform as expected is not deployed.
  • State law requires that a hand-count audit be performed after every statewide general election. The audit performed after this election showed that the same results were achieved by humans reading the votes by hand as were determined by the machine count.
  • Information about other false claims against the voting system is available at

How do I know my vote was counted?

  • Voters who voted in-person had the opportunity to review their selections on the ballot before placing it directly into the scanner.
  • Those who voted absentee can log in to My Voter Page to see if their ballot was accepted for counting.
  • All absentee ballots marked as “accepted” were counted.

Can I  see an image of my counted ballot?

  • All ballots are anonymous after they have been cast into the scanner or after they are opened and removed from the envelope.
  • There is no way to identify any particular voter’s ballot. This ensures that every voter has a Constitutionally protected secret ballot.

​​​​​​​Why am I receiving phone calls or texts about my ballot or voting?

  • There are many third-party groups cold-calling every voters who voted in the general election, or those who have applied for an absentee ballot for the  January runoff.
  • Voters who request an absentee ballot should be aware that their name and address is posted on the Secretary of State’s website as required by law.
  • Advocacy groups take that information and obtain phone numbers and/or email addresses, from other sources-not related to the Elections’ Office.
  • Cobb County Elections has no control over this activity and it is not illegal

Why did I receive an absentee ballot application for a person that doesn't live here or who is deceased?

  • Third-party groups are sending absentee applications in order to encourage voting and their mailing lists may be outdated.
  • If a person were to fraudulently try to apply for a ballot with that application, they would not receive a ballot unless their signature matched the other person's registration signature.
  • If the person on the application no longer lives there, is deceased, or never lived there, the ballot application would be rejected because there would be no registration record from which to match the signature.

What about rumors that signatures are not checked on absentee ballots?

  • Cobb County Elections verifies all signatures as required by State Law.
  • The absentee ballot is not even opened unless the signature on the outer envelope matches the one on file from the Department of Driver Services or from the hand-signed registration application.
  • If a voter with a questionable signature cannot provide a copy of their photo ID as well as an affidavit signed under penalty of perjury, then that ballot is rejected.
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