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Election Director Janine Eveler Demonstrating New Voting Equipment to Vision Rehabilitation Services Client

 E&R Image  : Voting Equipment Demo @ Vision Rehabilitation Services
March 4, 2020

On Saturday February 29, Election Director Janine Eveler and several members of her staff had the pleasure of demonstrating voting equipment accessibility to clients of Vision Rehabilitation Services of Georgia, in Smyrna. When requested, poll workers will encode a voter access card to activate the audio tactile interface on the Touchscreen. The voter can then use the headphones to hear the instructions and the audio ballot. The system can be configured to work with several types of assistive devices for making ballot selections.  George Vickers, president of Cobb County's chapter of the National Federation of the Blind uses the provided ATI device to make his selections on the demonstration ballot. The State Election Board has recently passed a rule allowing vision-impaired voters to use their own text-reader devices or apps to help them verify their printed ballot before placing it in the scanner.