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Superior Court: COVID-19 Updates

Covid Message from Chief Judge Leonard

Judicial Orders

Court Program Updates


All mediations suspended through expiration of judicial emergency order.

Click here to read the memo from the Cobb/ADR Mediation Office

couple mediating

From The Court to the Classroom: Mock Trials/School Visits

All mock trials, school visits, and courthouse tours are cancelled until further notice.

FCTC Notice of Cancellation

Court Services Updates

Accountability Court Updates


SUPERIOR COURT ACCOUNTABILITY COURTS shall be at the discretion of the Presiding Judge of each Accountability Court.  They will be conducted from an open courtroom via video conference.  Participants are excused from reporting in person to the courtroom proceedings during the Judicial Emergency, but will attend via video conference.  Please contact the Accountability Court’s Coordinator or Case Manager if you have questions.

Veterans Treatment Court

Watch this short video to see how  Cobb Veterans Treatment Court  finds new ways to hold court while keeping veteran participants safe during the Judicial Emergency Order.  

Click Here To Watch