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State Court: COVID-19 Updates

Summary of March 18, 2020 Memorandum


March 18, 2020

To All Litigants, Attorneys and Members of the Public,

On March 14, 2020 the Chief Justice of the Georgia Supreme Court issued an Order Declaring Statewide Judicial Emergency; in keeping with that Order and to ensure continued operations of the State Court of Cobb County, the court schedules will be scaled back and modified to reduce the risk to staff, attorneys, parties and the public. To that end,

  1. Large gatherings of people should be avoided.
  2. No one should come to court if he or she is not feeling well.
  3. All non-essential people should remain away from the courthouse. Please avoid bringing family members to court, especially the elderly. The public is encouraged to stay home consistent with the advice and guidance of public health authorities.

Effective Monday March 23, 2020, the State Court of Cobb County will shift all courtroom business to the Duty State Court Judge. All such business shall be conducted in Courtroom lA of the Cobb State Court Building commencing at 9:00 a.m. Any attorney desiring to schedule a custodial matter before the Duty State Court Judge should first contact the assigned judge to ensure the scheduling and transport of that custodial individual.

The Duty State Court Judge shall ONLY conduct each day any custodial cases such as pleas, bond and bond related matters, probation revocation hearings, and any custodial case appearing on any criminal trial calendar call. The Duty State Court Judge shall ONLY conduct those matters daily regardless of current case assignment.

The Sheriff of Cobb County shall only transport inmates after being so requested by the Court.

Arraignment calendars are cancelled and will be rescheduled after the judicial emergency. Attorneys should feel free to waive arraignments.

Criminal jury trial calendar calls are cancelled and will be rescheduled after the judicial emergency.

Probation revocation calendars are cancelled and will be rescheduled after the judicial emergency.

The Duty Judge schedule will be posted on the Cobb State Court webpage, on the front door of the courthouse and on the first floor of the courthouse.

Carl W. Bowers
Chief Judge
State Court of Cobb County

Duty Judge Schedule

Date Duty Judge
March 23 Judge Allison Salter
March 24 Judge Maria Golick
March 25 Judge John Morgan
March 26 Judge Jane Manning
March 27 Judge David Darden
March 30 Judge Toby Prodgers
March 31 Judge Henry Thompson
April 1 Judge Carl Bowers
April 2 Judge Jason Fincher
April 3 Judge Marsha Lake
April 6 Judge Bridgette Campbell
April 7 Judge Eric Brewton
April 8 Judge Maria Golick
April 9 Judge Allison Salter
April 10 County Holiday
April 13 Judge John Morgan

Judges' Office Telephone Numbers

Judge Phone Number
Judge Allison Salter 770-528-1711
Judge Maria Golick 770-528-1761
Judge John Morgan 770-528-1741
Judge Jane Manning 770-528-1701
Judge David Darden 770-528-1721
Judge Toby Prodgers 770-528-1731
Judge Carl W. Bowers 770-528-8001
Judge Jason Fincher 770-528-1751
Judge Henry Thompson 770-528-1700
Judge Marsha Lake 770-528-1771
Judge Bridgette Campbell 770-423-6800
Judge Eric Brewton 770-528-8502

Other Court Updates

For info on other Cobb Courts (Probate, Magistrate, Superior, etc.) visit the main Cobb County COVID-19 page, and refer to the COURT SYSTEM Information section.