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State Court: COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Recommendations for Visitors

Masks are optional but recommended for entry into the State Court Building.

Judges' Office Telephone Numbers

Judge Phone Number
Judge Allison Salter - Div I, Post I 770-528-1711
Judge Maria Golick - Div I, Post II 770-528-1761
Judge John Morgan - Div I, Post III  770-528-1741
Judge Jane Manning - Div I, Post IV  770-528-1701
Judge Eric Brewton - Div I, Post V 770-528-1721
Judge Diana Simmons - Div I, Post VI  770-528-1731
Chief Judge Carl W. Bowers - Div I, Post VII  770-528-8001
Judge Jason Fincher - Div II, Post I 770-528-1751
Judge Marsha Lake - Div II, Post II 770-528-1771
Judge Jaret Usher - Div II, Post III 770-528-1700
Judge Bridgette Campbell - Div II, Post IV 770-423-6800
Judge Ashley Palmer - Div II, Post V  770-528-8502

Other Court Updates

For general information, visit the main Cobb County COVID-19 page. For information on other courts, visit each court's section.