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Judge Harris elected to judicial leadership post

Judge Ann B Harris
January 21, 2022

Judges and staff of Cobb Superior Court congratulate Judge Ann B. Harris on her election to the executive committee of the state’s Council of Superior Court Judges.

The Council, also known as CSCJ, comprises all Superior Court Judges, both active and senior, which number several hundred. It exists to continually improve the administration of justice, and it provides assistance with research, administration and communications to the state’s 159 Superior Courts.

On Thursday, Judge Harris was elected by her peers to serve as secretary/treasurer of the Council. Her one-year term begins May 1. The secretary/treasurer typically progresses up the line of the executive committee and ultimately serves as president of the council. 

“It is an honor to be selected,” said Judge Harris, who is pictured here. “I am privileged to work on issues that affect all Superior Court judges across the state.”

Judge Harris is one of 11 Superior Court judges in the Cobb Judicial Circuit. She also presides over two Accountability Courts in Cobb: Parental Accountability Court, which aims to help parents overcome barriers that make it difficult for them to pay child support; and Mental Health Court, which works to achieve long-term stability and reduce recidivism for individuals facing criminal charges who have a mental health diagnosis.  

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