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Project Restore 360 Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is record restriction?

Record restriction was previously known as expungement. It is a process to restrict arrests on an individual’s official criminal history report from public view. Restricted records are visible only to law enforcement for criminal-justice purposes

Who is eligible for a record restriction?

In general, arrests that did not result in a conviction (that is, all charges were dismissed; or defendant either was acquitted of all charges at trial or successfully completed pretrial diversion/first offender/accountability court program) may be eligible for restriction from an individual’s record. The law also allows some convictions for youthful offenders to be restricted. Pending cases are not eligible for restriction.

Is there a cost to apply for this event?

No. Normally, the arresting agency may charge a fee to process a record restriction application. The fee is being waived for this event. 

What if I have a First Offender or Conditional Discharge on my case?

If you have completed your sentence, the arrest is eligible for restriction.

Is the process different if my case is a misdemeanor or a felony?

The Cobb Solicitor-General’s Office and the Cobb District Attorney’s Office are partnering for this event, so both eligible misdemeanor and felony arrests can be restricted.

If my conviction is old, can it still be restricted?

With few exceptions, state law does not allow restrictions of convictions, regardless of how old they are.

Can an arrest from another county be restricted at the Project Restore 360 Event?

No. Only arrests made in Cobb County, by Cobb Police, the Cobb Sheriff’s Office, Kennesaw State University Police, or other law-enforcement agency in Cobb are eligible for restriction at this event.

What do I need to bring on the day of the event?

You must bring a valid Georgia or U.S. photo ID with you to the event.

If I am not eligible for a record restriction, are there other options for me?

Representatives of the Georgia Justice Project will be onsite to discuss other options for which you may be eligible.

How many arrests can I get restricted?

For this event, only two arrests per person will be processed for restriction. However, you may still apply to restrict an eligible arrest through the normal process with the arresting agency.