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Johnson Ferry / Shallowford Road Small Area Plan

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March 12, 2020

As part of the Community Work Program from the Cobb County “2040 Comprehensive Plan”, the Board of Commissioners requested the Cobb County Community Development Agency, Planning Division, to undertake a small area planning study focused on the intersection of Johnson Ferry Road at Shallowford Road and surrounding areas. Hence, this study and the planning process is referred to by the acronym JOSH.

Located in northeast Cobb County, the JOSH study area is mostly an affluent and prideful community of single-family residential subdivisions with associated neighborhood commercial uses and institutional services, such as schools and churches. The great quality-of-life and excellent schools attracts families to the area. In addition, established family ties, the climate, and Cobb’s excellent senior services, all contribute to empty nesters choosing to remain and/or move into the JOSH area and the County. As growth continues in the JOSH community, this document will establish a collaborative community vision that reflects the ideas and desires of the area residents and property owners. This plan will help to keep stability, provide community expectations and improve the overall quality-of-life for the community.

The JOSH small area plan is the fourth plan conducted within Commission District 2 under the leadership of District 2 Commissioner Bob Ott. JOSH follows other successful planning studies such as the Powers Ferry Master Plan, which focused on redevelopment; The Vinings Vision Plan, which focused on protection of the character of the Vinings area; The Johnson Ferry Corridor Study, which emphasized streetscape design; and now the Johnson Ferry Road and Shallowford Road Small Area Plan, which concentrates on re-enforcing a sense of community.

The purpose of JOSH is to provide guidance to the Board of Commissioners over the next 10 to 20 years regarding land development and infrastructure improvement decisions pertaining to land use, design guidelines, parks and greenspace, transportation and stormwater. Specifically, this plan will:

  • Guide staff and elected officials in responding to development proposals, rezoning requests, parks and greenspace decisions and infrastructure decisions.
  • Provide guidance to land owners and developers in making land development and transportation system investment decisions.
  • Provide recommendations that will help to improve the overall quality of life for the community.
  • Help to improve the community’s sense of identity

The overall objective of the plan is to recreate a community while managing growth and preserving the suburban character of the area. The JOSH community is already well established. The ideal location, neighborhood-based schools, civility, relatively low crime, and stable subdivisions provides for a strong foundation to build from. The intent is to build upon that foundation, based on the community’s desires, with a focus on redevelopment and new development within the neighborhood commercial areas. An additional intent, is to find ways to provide more park land and improve infrastructure, in particular, transportation and stormwater. Another objective of the plan is to enhance the sense of identity to an already well informed and active community.

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