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Cobb County Peddler Notice

Did you know that Peddlers (businesses selling items of value from a vehicle, trailer or tent) must have a Business License and Permit to operate in unincorporated Cobb County?
June 12, 2019

Did you know that Peddlers must have a Business License and Permit to operate their business in unincorporated Cobb County? Keep reading to learn more about peddler regulations.

What is a Peddler? 
Any person who sells or solicits any new or used goods, wares, merchandise, produce, service or other things of value in unincorporated Cobb County from any location that does not possess a certificate of occupancy. (examples: vehicle, trailer, tent)

Permit Required
No peddlers shall operate in unincorporated Cobb without first obtaining a permit from the Cobb County Business License Division.

Peddlers must park the business vehicle on asphalt or concrete out of the right-of-way. 
Business may only be conducted in locations zoned general commercial and in accordance with section 134-267 of the Cobb County Code of Ordinances.
Peddlers shall not be located at one location for more than 30 days.

Merchandise, Business License & Permission
Peddlers must maintain all merchandise on a vehicle.
Peddlers must have possession of their business license at time of operation. Proper property owner authorization must also be in possession during operation.

Tents & Tables
No tents, tables, boxes, chairs, or any accessory to the business is allowed.
Anything associated with the business, with exception of personnel, that is not on the vehicle is in violation.

Only one sign permitted by the Code Enforcement Division is allowed and shall meet the limits provided in the zoning ordinance and sign ordinance.
The sign must be on the vehicle.

All vehicles must be presented to and approved by the Cobb County Business License Division prior to obtaining a permit.
Substitute vehicles must all be approved.
Only one vehicle is allowed for each location.