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Tenants Meeting Set for Riverside Parkway

Picture of Tenants Meeting sign on Riverside Parkway
April 4, 2019

Residents of several Riverside Parkway apartment complexes have complained to commissioners about awful conditions inside their units and a management that has not responded to their complaints.  Several tenants have won judgments in Cobb Magistrate Court, and a court case against the owners is pending in State Court.

Tenants can get an update on the situation and have some of their questions answered at a Tenants Meeting set up for April 10th at 5 p.m.   It will be held, weather permitting, at the site of the Old Magnolia Crossing complex at 490 Riverside Parkway.

To help answer questions, representatives from these groups will be in attendance;

  • Cobb Legal Aid
  • Cobb Co. Solicitor's Office
  • Cobb Co. Apartment Inspectors
  • Cobb Co. Code Enforcement
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