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Hundreds Crowd Keep Cobb Beautiful Shredding Event

picture of volunteers at the shredding event
May 3, 2021

Hundreds packed the Cobb Civic Center's parking lot this weekend for a Keep Cobb Beautiful on-site shredding event.  Many people in line told me they stacked up documents during the pandemic, others said they had cleaned their homes during COVID times and loaded boxes of documents with personal information they needed to shred.

It was a great day to wait in line and crews ended up shredding tons of documents. KCB workers and volunteers also took drop-offs of Hefty Energy Bags. This is an increasingly popular program among recycling-conscious people in Cobb.

Thanks to all who attended and helped out.

For details on how you can use the Hefty Energy Bag Program in your household, visit this link to learn more about it.