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Home Depot Expands in Cobb! (VIDEO)

Governor Brian Kemp joins Home Depot officials
July 11, 2019

Governor Brian Kemp came to Cobb for another exciting economic announcement.  Home Depot doesn’t just cut a ribbon to open a new facility, they use a reciprocating saw!  A new complex opened in the Cumberland area will house hundreds of employees, many of them new to Cobb, mostly doing digital and high-tech jobs.

450 are already working at the Pennant Park complex.  Eventually more than one thousand could be working at the facility.

  • The new facility will be home to associates from teams across HD business, including Supply Chain, Information Technology, and HD Home.
  • With this new addition, HD is increasing their contribution to and footprint in Cobb County’s dynamic business environment
  • 700 new employees average wage of $100,000
    • creating an estimated 179 new households within Cobb
    • Jobs consist of Information Technology and Logistics
  • Renovations of existing buildings with an estimated capital investment of nearly $35M
    • PLUS additional investment of approx. $7M in personal property.
  • The net fiscal benefit of this project over the next 12 years is $1.7M to Cobb County
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