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Finance Director Holds Budget Q&A (Video)

picture of finance director bill volckmann
July 19, 2019

Finance Director Bill Volckmann gave a brief presentation Tuesday night on how the budget process works and how the FY2020 Budget came together this year.  He took questions from some in the audience.  Watch the video to learn more about what it takes to put Cobb County's budget together.

There was a question presented regarding the impact of new residential construction on the 2019 Real Property Digest.  The Tax Assessor provided this breakdown...

2019 Digest - Real Property Detail

2018 Digest

Reassessment of Existing Real Property

Combined Assessed Value on New Residential Homes*

Other Changes to Taxable Digest

2019 Digest







*Accounts for 1,965 newly constructed residential homes in Cobb County for Tax Year 2019

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