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Final Day of Advance Voting - ALL SITES OPEN!

picture of voters in line
November 2, 2020

VOTING UPDATE - Despite challenges with power and internet, Cobb Elections had all 11 Advance Voting sites up and operating Friday.

As we head into the final hours of Advance Voting we know that well over half of Cobb's registered voters have already cast ballots.

Our 11 Advance Voting sites will be open until 7 pm and if you are in line then you will be allowed to cast a ballot.

Visit to check out the stats.

And visit to see the Advance Voting locations and wait times.

Waiting for Tuesday?  Check out the "My Voter Page" website to double-check your precinct since there have been many changes since 2016.

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Ross Cavitt | Cobb County Communications | [email protected]