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Evictions Moratorium Extended - Chief Magistrate Updates Info

picture of chief magistrate judge brendan murphy
March 31, 2021

From Chief Magistrate Judge Brendan Murphy:

Here are this month’s key updates:
(1) The CDC’s limited, temporary halt in certain residential evictions for non-payment of rent has been extended until June 30, 2021.  The latest Order has some clarifications and modifications that are covered in the FAQs. 
(2) The Magistrate Court has approximately 2,000 cases on hold due to the CDC Order.  With $22.8 million in rental assistance available in Cobb County, the Court will begin to schedule these held cases for hearing as of April 16, 2021.  Going forward, all dispossessory cases that require a hearing will be set down for a court date.  As the CDC Order is still in effect, it is important to note: if a CDC Declaration is provided in a residential, nonpayment of rent case, a Stay Order will be entered at the hearing and NO WRIT OF POSSESSION MAY ISSUE.  However, scheduling these required hearings will ensure that all parties have an opportunity to reach a mutually-agreeable resolution and access rental assistance as required by the CDC Order.
(3) Cobb County’s Emergency Rental Assistance Program (“ERA”) begins taking applications on April 1, 2021.  Please visit for program terms and eligibility.  Here is some key information:
            (a) Landlords and/or Tenants may apply.
            (b) Please apply as soon as possible.  There does NOT have to be an active eviction case pending to apply or receive assistance.
            (c) Please apply with only one provider.
            (d) If you’ve previously received assistance from one of the providers, please reapply with the same provider.
            (e) All five providers are administering the identical federal program with the same initial application, documentation requirements, and ability to pay up to twelve (12) months of rent/utilities needed due to a COVID-19 hardship.