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DOT Launches Resurfacing Story Map

resurfacing roads
July 16, 2019

Ever wonder how the Cobb County Department of Transportation selects roads for resurfacing?

Traffic, weather, and time all play a part in deteriorating the condition of our roads. At the Cobb County Department of Transportation (CCDOT), we meet the challenges of these variables with a comprehensive resurfacing plan that assesses and rates pavement conditions and establishes roadwork priorities. The process facilitates the departmental and public need to systematically repair roads of poor quality to improve the experience and level of safety citizens enjoy when driving within our county.

CCDOT maintains more than 9,125 roads. Over 95% of the roads are local, and the remainder are thoroughfares. This totals to 2,426 miles of roadway that all, at some point, would require resurfacing to meet appropriate standards for motor travel. In fact, in a year, 43% of thoroughfares and 38% of local roads in the county warrant resurfacing. However, the costs per mile to resurface a thoroughfare or local road number at nearly half a million and a quarter of a million dollars, respectively. Ultimately, only 11% of thoroughfares and just 3% of local roads are resurfaced each year due to limited budgets. These factors require the department to implement a detailed process to identify and repair the roads most in need each year.

Learn much more about the County’s pavement maintenance program in a new story map, “Smooth Operations: Resurfacing at CCDOT,” available at

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