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Covered Bridge Gets New Protective Pipes! (VIDEO)

pictures of covered bridge pipes
November 21, 2019

COVERED BRIDGE - PIPE UPDATE! (VIDEO) -- The pipes that have successfully protected the Concord Road Covered Bridge are getting their long-awaited redesigned.  Crews replaced the PVC pipes on the Smyrna side of the bridge with a rubberized pipe that they hope will withstand the high-speed impacts from “too-tall” vehicles.  Before these protective structures went up, vehicles were ramming the historic bridge’s protective beams about once a month.  
Watch the video to see why this redesign was needed!


  • DOT spent about $800 to buy enough of these rubberized pipes to last awhile.
  • They hope they will solve noise complaints from nearby neighbors.
  • They have put them up on the Smyrna side ONLY to see how they do.
  • That Enterprise rental van you see in the video actually went past our work crews and were headed toward the bridge until crewmembers frantically flagged down the driver and asked how he missed all the warning signs.
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