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Cobb's Board appoints VanHoozer as new Police Chief

Police Chief Stuart VanHoozer with officials in the background
May 9, 2022
picture of police chief stuart vanhoozer

Cobb County’s Board of Commissioners unanimously approved the appointment of Stuart VanHoozer as the county’s Chief of Police during its meeting Tuesday morning.  Chief VanHoozer takes the reins of the police department after a 32-year career with the department.

After the vote, Chief VanHoozer told those assembled in the BOC Meeting Room that he often reflects on his start with the department.  “I had no skills, I had nothing special, I had no military, I had no prior police experience, and I had no education. Cobb County Police hired me and they put me in a little bitty thing called a beat, and they gave me one little section of turf to protect for eight hours.  And I fell in love with this job.”

County Manager Dr. Jackie McMorris says VanHoozer became a finalist for the job from a group of more than 50 candidates and distinguished himself as the clear leader.  

“We’re very proud to say today we strongly believe we have chosen the most qualified, best-suited police chief for the county,” Dr. McMorris said.  “We believe he will take Cobb and our police department to 21st century policing.”

Chairwoman Lisa Cupid said she had become familiar with Chief VanHoozer during her time as a district commissioner.  “He didn’t look at crime as just being crime,” Cupid said.  “He was the first person to say this isn’t a crime issue, this is a community development issue.”

VanHoozer’s appointment takes effect immediately. 

WATCH Chief VanHoozer’s appointment and following news conference here: