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Cobb Election Update

poll workers
November 6, 2020


Nov. 6, 2020

- Cobb Elections workers are working with the bi-partisan panel to adjudicate the last few ballots under investigation.
- They have 25 ballots left to adjudicate. Another 50 cured ballots will be processed only after confirming those voters are NOT on the list of those who voted on election day.
- There are 906 provisional ballots pending. Voters have until the end of the day today to provide ID if they didn't have it at the polls, sign the absentee envelope if there was a missing signature or provide more evidence if the ballot was identified as having a signature mismatch. Those voters were contacted by letter, email, or phone call.

Nov. 5, 2020

Cobb Elections uploaded most of the remaining absentee ballots Wednesday night. Here's what is next:

∙ Workers will process approximately 700 remaining absentee ballots today.
∙ Friday workers will process 882 provisional ballots, any UOCAVA (military) ballots were postmarked by election day.
∙ Friday workers will also work on ballots with missing or mismatched signatures cured by affidavit.
∙ Right now the Board of Elections and Registration is set to certify the election results on November 13th.


Nov. 4, 2020

The elections results page may say Cobb County has “Precincts Reporting 100%,” but that represents election day voting precincts. Cobb workers are still processing absentee ballots, with some 15,000 left to count. They should be able to get through those today, if not early Thursday. There are also hundreds of other provisional, military, and contested ballots they will be working on through the end of the week.

The Board of Elections and Registration will certify the results on November 13th. Continue to monitor the results pages for updates!


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